Welcome to our page, Aromaterre.

I started in 2014 to grow up with my lavender partner in Pischia, Jud. Timis. Meanwhile, we’ve expanded with sage and basil crops. Plants are grown naturally, only with the sun and rainwater, with great care and involvement. We have had many challenges, pleasant and unpleasant surprises caused by climate change, but we continued because we love what we do.

In 2015 our son was born, Tudor, who made me look carefully at what’s in all care products for both children and adults. In the same year, we first distilled lavender and the following year, sage and then basil. The plants are distilled in steam to obtain precious essential oil and floral water. These products are incorporated into the care products we produce. I wanted to give the family mainly natural products with carefully selected ingredients, nothing that is necessary.

Aromaterre products were created with the thought of Mother Nature and are based on the active principles of the plates cultivated by us.

We are waiting for you for more details about us and our products. Your views are the most important, helping us grow, improve our products.
Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our cultures. Dearfully,

Vero, Cipri and Tudor