The site, hereinafter referred to as “shop” or “site”, is owned by SC Steia and Co. Plant SRL, registered with the Trade Register under order number J35 / 2476/2017, having the unique registration code 37781016 and the working place in the place. Pişchia, no. 263, room 1, Jud. Timis.
Using the information on this site and sending orders to him is the client’s agreement with the terms and conditions presented below. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice from customers.
The store also reserves the right to refuse to honor orders received from the customer:
• with inappropriate behavior or language
• who refused a previous order
The term of validity and quality of the products offered by depends on the type of storage and use adopted by the customer.
The store is not responsible for the damage and undesirable effects of products that have been stored or otherwise used than under the conditions on the site or on the packaging.
The information provided on this website is correct and up to our knowledge.
They are provided with good intentions, but can not be considered as recommendations or guarantees of results / effects (whether positive or negative) of the use of the products.
Although we strive to update them permanently, some errors may occur, for which can not be held responsible.
The photos on the site are for information and may contain other products or accessories that are not sold with the product described.
The store can not be held responsible for the effects of using the products marketed on the site, including the effects of misuse or other purposes.
Each individual user has to decide on himself whether a product and its usage mode suits it or not.
When purchasing products on for the purpose of producing products for resale, the store assumes no responsibility for the activity of the reseller (the effects of the products obtained, the results of the activity, and not only).
Customer damages following the purchase of the products on are compensated by the store within the purchase price of the products.
All promotions on the site are within the available stock limit.
We are not responsible for situations resulting from server malfunctions.
The information published on the site is not medical advice and does not constitute a substitute for it. People with health problems should consult their doctor. Some natural products can interact with oral or external medicines, so be sure to inform your doctor when making a decision regarding the use of products on Elderly, sensitive skin or health problems and pregnant women should use products such as essential oils, active ingredients and other products on the site with caution, and immediately inform the physician of any side effects found.
We recommend performing allergy tests before using any product marketed on Apply a little cream / body butter / oil, etc. on the skin of the arm / elbow and follow the reaction for 24 hours. If you experience allergic reactions, please contact us and contact your doctor.
Do not leave products (especially essential oils, active ingredients) within reach of children.
Privacy of data
Customers’ personal data entered on are used exclusively for honoring orders and for providing the information requested by the holders of these data, or for sending periodic newsletters and information about offers, promotions and news. The store undertakes not to make it public without the explicit consent of the users and not to provide it to other entities.
Stock and pricing information
We strive to display only the products that are in stock on the online store. However, the stock can change even after the customer has sent the order. If the stock of the ordered product is 0, the customer will be informed and will be able to choose between another delivery date or refund of the product if it has already been paid to the store. For products with the status “soon in stock”, orders can not be placed online.
The prices displayed on the site are up-to-date with the exception of those with the “soon in stock” status, for which the store can not guarantee the price. All prices are expressed in LEI.
Prices do not include transport charges. reserves the right to modify product prices without prior notice to users of the site.

Order honors
Customers can place orders directly on the site. Once the customer has placed the order, the store automatically sends its customers a confirmation.
Delivery of orders:
• Orders to us can be sent directly to The timely and correct delivery of the products is conditional on the correctness of the data provided by the buyer.
• Orders placed until 12.00 PM will be handed over to the courier on the same day. Orders confirmed after 12.00 PM will be handed over to the courier the day after placing the order.
• There is no minimum order.
• The customer’s signature on delivery documents presented by the courier is the reception of the products and the attestation by the customer that they have arrived in good condition.
• The store can cancel or deliver orders late if there are reasons beyond its control, such as natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, acts of terrorism or other force majeure events. In this case, the maximum amount of damages paid by the store will be limited to the amount received in advance from the customer.
• The store announces newsletter and social network changes to the shipping program.

Product Return Policy
Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to the buyer. According to O.G. 130/2000, you have the right to return the purchased products online if the returned product is in its original packaging and in the same condition as it was received. We do not accept the return of uncovered products, which have physical changes of any kind. Returns can be made within 10 business days of receipt, with no penalty and without any reason, the shipping charges being paid by the customer. Customer will be refunded the return value of the returned product within 20 working days of the date of the written request for return.
If the purchased product does not meet the specifications on the site or has manufacturing defects, the customer must notify in writing and return it without incurring the shipping charges. The store undertakes to replace the product with a corresponding one or to refund its value. Customers are asked to take pictures of the damaged parcels and to draw up with the courier a record of the irregularities found before declining the packages.
If products other than those ordered by the customer have been wrongly placed in the package, they are asked to inform and are relieved of the payment of their counterfeit. If the customer discovers missing items in the parcel or errors in the invoice that can be downloaded directly from the customer account, he / she has to advertise them in writing within 48 hours of receiving the package.
The site and the information contained therein are property of SC Steia and Co. Plant SRL.